Terms & Conditions

  1. Terms interpretation
    1. Contract relates to these Terms and conditions.
    2. Terms – the Company – relates to CourseworkMaster.com, writing services provider to Customers.
    3. Terms – the Customer – relates to people who make Orders from the Company, conform to the Terms and Conditions of this Contract.
    4. Communication System – application guaranteeing the constant interaction between the Customer and the assigned Author, or a helpline manager.
    5. Order relates to the existing ordering of a product made to the Company by the Customer. It contains specific demands, particular resources to use while writing.
    6. Product means the Order outcome, a unique content, completed by the Author due to specifications, given as an electronic file
    7. Review is a demand made to edit the final variant, basing upon demands.
    8. Managers are company employees whose responsibility is to manage and help in completing the procedure.
    9. The Author means an employee who offers writing services, as stated in the Contract.
    10. The term – Individual Credit Balance – denotes the individual customer profile on the Company site, keeping the Customer’s credits, saved on the personal balance, applied to compensate the order cost as the Customer selects.
    11. The term – Affiliate Program – denotes a particular program focusing on current customers.
  2. Order Placement, Signing in
    1. The Customer can request in two ways: fill out the form online or by calling managers for help in it.
    2. The Order Form defines the work amount, order specifications, delivery deadlines. The Customer is accountable for giving exact, complete, the latest details on the Order form or to the Company’s Manager. The Manager places an order in his/her name.
    3. Apart from the Order specifications, the Customer needs to sign in a profile on a Company website, including name and surname, e-mail address, residence, phone number. If info alters, the Customer is accountable for its upgrading, inform the Manager concerning certain info upgrades.
    4. After setting up the profile, the Customer shouldn’t make any attempts to register another account, provide other credentials while making a new one. The Customer has to place orders, interact with the Company from only one account created while making the first one.
  3. Paying for Orders
    1. The Product price is counted due to the estimation regulations; it needs to be paid beforehand. The Company begins completing an Order only when the Product paying is made and validated.
    2. Paying can be made via Credit Card.
    3. The Company doesn’t carry the responsibility for any problems occurring while paying by Credit Card. They may involve:
      • paying fail;
      • paying made by e-check;
      • technical problems.

      If the paying isn’t successful, the Customer has to check the balance, limits, and validity before asking the Manager for help.

  4. Discounts
    1. Each Customer has equal opportunities to apply the Promotional and Loyalty Program discounts.
    2. The discount code may be implemented by typing in the corresponding line in the Order Form. If it is not typed in the necessary one, it won’t be counted.
    3. The First-time discount can be implemented only once.
    4. One discount is applicable for one Order. Many discounts can’t possibly be used for one Order.
  5. Customer Individual Credit Balance
    1. Individual Credit Balance is a way of payment in the system. The balance is made up by keeping some money on the Customer’s profile; it can be applied to further requests.
    2. One Credit corresponds to One USD.
    3. The money may be transferred to the Credit Balance only after the Customer’s admission. When the money is transferred to the Credit Balance, it is not repayable and may be applied only to pay for further requests.
  6. Order Placement Process
    1. Order verification. The Company has an opportunity to review the specifics after the transaction, to verify it matches the demands stated while filling out the Order form, other demands made by the Customer via any contacting way. If there is some divergence, the Manager contacts the Customer to find out the final demands.
    2. Order volume. According to the Company Standards, Order volume is determined in words. 1 page of double-spaced text corresponds to 275 words, correspondingly, single-spaced text – 550 words.
    3. Order Specifics Change. The Customer can imply changes to the work utilizing contacting the Manager. Changes affecting the volume, delivery schedule, complexity may need the extra payment, discussed with the Customer individually.
    4. Sources. If a particular source is demanded, the Customer has to provide it to the Author. The references should be uploaded beforehand to guarantee timely delivery. If the source is uploaded late, the extra time to complete an Order may be demanded.
    5. Interaction. The Customer can interact with the Author via messages in the Customer’s profile on the Website. The Customer may interact with the Manager via live messaging, E-mails, calls.
    6. Progress monitoring. The Customer can monitor the progress by visiting the Order page in the personal profile. The Customer can receive updates via any available contact ways.
    7. Order delivery. The Company possesses a responsibility to deliver the Product in agreement with the scheduled deadline. If more time is necessary, the Manager will discuss it with the Customer. The ready Order is available at the Customer’s profile. The Customer should timely download the Product. The Company isn’t responsible for any problems, which don’t allow downloading the Product timely.
  7. Order Review
    1. The Customer has an opportunity to make unlimited reviews of the Product for 10 days after the Product delivery.
    2. The Customer may request a Review with the assistance of ‘Feedback’ in the profile.
    3. A free Review is available only if the primary and Review requirements coincide.
    4. The review deadline can’t be shorter than the primary deadline.
  8. The Product Use
    1. The Orders completed by CourseworkMaster.com are not presupposed to be submitted as Customer’s work. They are intended to use as work samples.
    2. The Company is ruled by Copyright laws. Any malicious actions are the Customer’s responsibilities if he/she doesn’t follow the Company’s Terms and Conditions.
  9. Partnership Program
    1. The Customers, who signed up, possess an opportunity to be involved in the Company’s Partnership Program, which involves getting a Credit for inviting other people to place orders. More info may be available in the Customer’s profile.
  10. Other Provisions
    1. All the Contractual Terms denoting the freedoms, obligations of both contractors are defined in the Contract. This document is considered valid or binding. Having accepted this Contract, it replaces all the previous interactions.
    2. If some points of the Terms and Conditions don’t follow the law, it won’t influence the rest of the document. The Customer’s freedoms, obligations will keep being in force for all other terms.
    3. The Contract is ruled by the laws of the Company’s physical position.
  11. Responsibility Restrictions
    1. Having accepted these Contractual Terms, the Customer agrees not to report the Company or any other parties in charge of any problems, relating to the Product, involving:
      • Any technical problems;
      • Conditions beyond the Company’s responsibility that may result in losses.
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