Privacy Policy highly respects and prioritizes your privacy right. It is an integral part of our customer policy. This responsibility includes that every customer realizes what kind of information we gather, our policy concerning keeping information, and how we put it to use. All info is collected to provide customers with the expected services and items.

If you choose the usage of services and items, there is actual data we need to gather, involving contacts, position, particular facts, the level of grades, and studied field. We can also collect information to investigate how you possibly employ site or connected interfaces.

Please take into consideration the list of data above may not be complete.

Policies concerning the age of our visitors

This site includes the usage of items and services we offer only for adults who reached the age of 18. The site doesn’t deliberately gather and distribute the data on anyone who hasn’t reached 18. Anybody aware of the site used by people who haven’t reached 18 is requested to inform us about it.

The aims of this Privacy policy recommends all customers to look through these regulations. Its specific points implement to everyone selecting to employ our services. We aim to make sure they have no misinterpretations regarding the info we gather, your access opportunities, and adjusting data whenever desired. You are granted the full control of personal details involving the freedom to remove them.

Your Personal Details Collection

Please pay attention that any personal details gets from customers are given by customers and with their agreement. The ways you may share your private data with us involve: your contacting us, using our live helplines, order placement, etc. We don’t include any instruments or employ third parties to receive your details from your personal computer or other webpages.

Any actions like account creation, order placement, or signing up to get info from us result in our intimate details. To offer you the desired services, we need to have access to this information further on. All info we collect is stored according to the prescribed security protocols, protections.

Non-identifying Information Collection and Storage

We acknowledge the non-identifying data gathering and saving from our side. As this data cannot be applied to recognize you or influence your confidentiality, your participation in the gathering procedure is unnecessary. The procedure involves using cookies, related tools, order tracking, communication logs storing, browser and gadget kind tracking, webpages visit info, as timestamps, location, etc. We apply this info to upgrade performance and personalize your experience on our site.

The data is supposed to be used only by us. It may be shared with third parties helping us in providing our services.

Your data usage

Attempting to respect and secure the confidentiality, we have to optimize and minimize your data-gathering efforts to deliver the expected services. All your info is gathered with your permission only and used for the reasons mentioned below. The personal data is used only with your allowance, and for the reasons we state below. The personal data is used to provide the requested services and contact you correspondingly. The data may be stored or gathered by the demand of law enforcement, courts, to act under the laws applied to our website.

We may also save information to update or upgrade the services we are providing. For example, if you place an order for a particular service, we may send you the information concerning the similar writing services we offer. We may use data to help find errors or other failures. The data is maintained to avoid fraud and other mistreat.

Sharing info with third parties

Our website provides the information to third parties, and we approve that it may be used just for particular goals, and these third parties act on our behalf. We provide only the defined information needed to present you certain services to partners and contractors, payment services providers, advertisers, market researching companies, customer service organizations, and email providers.

Each third party, which accesses your data, is required to sign a legal agreement, which ensures your confidentiality protection and restraining the usage of your data to the intended purposes. All the hired people of these organizations are requested to sign legal agreements as well.

Communication with customers

We possess the permission to contact all our customers concerning their orders and communicate with you about our special offers, similar services we provide. As a rule, this is done when found out that the info or offers are fitting you based upon the previous orders. You can stop getting these notifications at any time. The details of the procedure are described further down the page.

The general means of interaction with customers involve: sending emails, bulk texts, and also sent emails, phone calls, and text messages. You may regulate the ways of communication in profile settings.

If we find out the partners or third parties possess data and offers you may be interested in, we will send you a notification before sharing your information with them. You have a right not to permit it if you want.

If you want your info to be removed from our database, you can do so. If additional help is needed, contact our helpline.

Using Analytics Tools and Services

We use analysis of various tools to gather and analyze different sorts of data. This way, we receive a better understanding of how customers use our webpages and other connected interfaces. This involves the following info: how much time visitors spend on our site, the content visitor’s view, the search tools used to find our website. This information doesn’t contain identifying data. It is used only to upgrade and customer experience.

The tools we use involve cookies on your device, which allows remembering the visitors of our webpages. In case you don’t want cookies to be saved on your device, check out the directions in our Cookie Policy. We don’t send this data to third parties.

The security of information we save is engaging all the possible applications and resources to keep your private info confidential. It involves encryption technologies, other security protocols.

All private info is kept only to provide our customers with the services they want to order. Apart from that fact, such info can be held to act in legislation and maintain financial records to ensure we fulfill individual contracts or agreements’ demands. In case you want to put questions, ask our helpline.

The usage of third-party sites includes links to external webpages. Please consider that if you select to use them, you have a right to do this without any restrictions and by your own decision. You also understand that we can’t be responsible for the content of other webpages in any way. Your policies and guarantees do not apply to any other websites, as we don’t own or control them. We recommend visitors to get acquainted with the policies of external webpages before their usage.

The right to access and control your private information

On, we don’t imply any limitations of your freedoms, opportunities to access and control private info. You may easily change or view this information in your profile settings in the customer portal. You may also place a demand to delete the info. However, if you still have orders in progress, you should wait until their completion to remove your personal details from the storage.

Policy Changes may alter policies without notifying. The information concerning these amendments will be updated in a great way to make sure our customers are acquainted with it. It can include a website notification or an email. The substantial amendments may be implied only after 30 days so that the visitors could get acquainted with future changes.

Contacting our customer support

If there are any questions left, you are welcome to contact our 24/7 available helpline.

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