Cookie policy

On this webpage, references to “we,” “us,” “our,” or similar words mean References to “you,” meaning the website user. All the terms starting with a capital letter have the same meaning as in Terms and Conditions unless another one is mentioned.

What are Cookies?

Cookies mean small files located on your device to single out you’re visiting the Website and saving your choices. The files involve the letters, numbers from our server, and held on your device when you are accessing us.

Cookies keep your preferences, like keeping you logged in or saving the items you viewed, etc. By using our Website, you admit the use of cookies, involving storing and reading cookies on your device. Please note they are playing a pivotal role in providing some functions on the Website. We can’t guarantee the full functionality of our service on our Website without them.

What cookies are we employing? uses two types:

Persistent– save your priorities.

Session – store the visitor experience details. They are removed as soon as you close the Website. They upgrade the Internet payment safety and webmail.

Why do we apply cookies?

  • to keep the user signed in;
  • to observe your activity using Google Analytics;
  • to offer the visitors with 24/7 support in a live chat;
  • to place an order. If you disagree with using them, placing an order at will be impossible.

Blocking and deleting cookies

Cookies can be stopped and removed at any time the visitor wants it. But they play a crucial role in upgrading the Website. Therefore, we can’t guarantee you the proper functioning of it.

Please note that using Google Analytics, we can monitor how visitors are interacting with our Website. The details about it are generated in a cookie and then sent to Google. This is done to make statistical activity reports and analyze user interaction. We don’t allow personal data to be identified with the cookies use.


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