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Marketing Marketing Careers
Marketing Careers

Different organizations require the marketing skills for various roles since the marketing specialists are considered as the promotionaltool for the success of any business organization by managing the stakeholder relationships. The careers that marketers can venture into include marketing assistant, market research analyst, marketing coordinator, marketing consultant, and a marketing strategist (Farthing, 2010). The marketing…

Statistics Statistics
Statistics coursework sample

Discussion Forum #2 This presentation is a demonstration of the court cases presented to Hamilton County judges over a three years period. There were over 182,000 cases that 38 judges in the municipal, domestic relations and common plea courts. The objective of this statistical study is to assess the decision of the judges and their…

Marketing Buying Behavior
Consumer Buying Behavior

Buyer behavior refers to the approach that consumers of products in the market follow when selecting, purchasing and using different products in order to satisfy their unlimited needs. Consumer behavior in the market is influenced by various factors; internal and external. Internal factors comprise of individual’s taste and preference which influence the product they buy…

History Immigrant and American History
Immigrant and American History Coursework Sample

The immigration into the United States resulted in many different groups establishing permanent settlements there. However, these groups did not receive similar reception from the American inhabitants by that time. The white Immigrants from Germany, England, Italian, Jewish, French, Irish and the Scandinavian received a welcoming reception, but the Negros (Black people) experienced significant hostility…

Statistics Math
GCSE Maths Statistics Coursework Sample

What two variables are you comparing? GPA and Study hours Descriptive statistics Categorical v. Categorical: contingency table Categorical v. Quantitative: summary stats on quantitative variable (group by categorical) Quantitative v. Quantitative: correlation coefficient Coefficient -0.2773   No, there is no defined relationship between the GPA and study hours. The negative correlation coefficient indicates these variables…

Marketing Financial Analysis
Financial Analysis

Coursework Sample: After changing both values of retail as well as for wholesale margin by increasing the values. It was evident that if and only if the retail value is fixed at $1.00 and the margin of retail and wholesale are increased the selling price of the manufacturer decreases. As I increased the values of…

History Human Liberties
Expansion of Human Liberties since 18th Century of Western Civilization

Human life has always since ancient times been believed to be inviolable, a concept strongly proposed and encouraged by various religions throughout the world. The idea of human liberties ground its stand on the ideology that people have a set of uninfringeable rights merely grounded on being human. Numerous studies conducted throughout history agree the…

Statistics STAT7002 ICA
Social Statistics ICA Assignment

Social Statistics ICA Assignment Question 1 Part A. Part B. Total Eligible voters =5,000 people Single Random sample =250 people Non responders=50, responders=200 Yes [leave]= 97, No [remain]= 103 UK leave EU 52 of voters, Remain 48 percent of Voters Proportion of p̂= 97 200 = 0.485 Estimated standard error (e.s.e)   N=5000, n=250, f=n/N=250/5000=0.05…

Marketing Maketing execution
Marketing Execution Coursework Sample

Marketing execution styles differ contingent upon industry, CMO, organization, and size, among others. Regardless of the methods, strategy, techniques and tool, a common goal is perceived across the board. Marketing in a company is in charge of creating and driving promotions that target and draw in their prospective clients, empower client’s engagement, and ultimately have…

History Global connections
Drug Wars

Lin Zexu was a Chinese Governor of Hubei and Hunan when he declared war against the trade of opium. He was known for his high morals and competence as a fierce bureaucrat. In 1839, he joined an imperial committee and together they went against the British illegal opium importation into China. He arrested two thousand…

Finance Universal Health Service
Universal Health Service Inc. Financial Plan

Solution 1 Financial plan The financial plan for an organization is very essential as it shows a comprehensive evaluation of current and future financial state which is used for annual projection of income and expense for a company. There is the different classification of the financial ratio used in financial evaluation which includes profitability, liquidity,…

Statistics Statistics PreAssignment
Statistics PreAssignment – Test

Question 1   c) a population A set of all possible data values for a subject under consideration is called ___. descriptive statistics a sample a population inferential statistics   Question 2   c) The number of students in your school Which of the following can be classified as Discrete and Quantitative data? The acceleration…

Marketing Digital Marketing Channels
Digital Marketing Channels

Reference: Marketing Land. (2014). Infographic: Which is the most effective digital marketing channel.

History American Civil War
The Part Played by Women in the American Civil War

Many American women during the civil war spun their devotion to the world outside the home. A huge number of them from the North and South offered to assist in the war as nurses, and some joined volunteer while others were serving as spies. In the American history, this was the first time women played…

Finance Emirates Airline
Emirates Airline Coursework Sample by

The success of a company or organization mainly depends on how it is managed and the kind of leadership of that it has. Even though most of the activities are conducted by the stakeholders, it is the management that gives the directives to the stakeholders on what to do and when to do it (Saeed,…

Genetics and Reproduction

Research has shown that female snakes in the wild are able to produce offspring devoid of having any interaction with the male species (Smith & Schuett, 2015). This has refuted the claims that asexual reproduction only occurs in invertebrates. Reproduction refers to the process by which a living organism gives rise or birth to another…

Statistics Statistics Calculations
Descriptive Statistics coursework sample

The data collected is a sample because it only represents part of the prices of top selling perfumes, but not all the brands available. The two variables are the quantitative and qualitative variables. The name of the perfume is a qualitative variable, whereas the weight and price of perfumes are quantitative variables. Quantitative: The price…

Marketing Local Retailer
Local Retailer

An entity that is selling merchandise to customers directly via a variety of channels with the intention of making a profit is called a retailer. It does not necessarily have to be a physical building providing services and goods needed by customers; it can also be an online store. There are extremely large retailers such…

History Late 19th Century New York
Late 19th Century New York

The book City of dreams by Tyler Anbinder presents a fascinating chronology of the immigration events that unfolded in New York City during the 19th century. The author details richly the story of the European immigrants and their integral role towards shaping today’s prominent New York City. Characterized by the themes of immigration, civil war,…

Finance Ratio analysis
Project work using Ratio analysis

Finance Coursework Sample: Return on capital (ROC) =NOPAT/Total capitalization Return on capital is one of the profitability ratios that indicate how efficient a company is when it comes to the generation of profits from the capital. The ratio compares the net operating profit to the company’s capital. The ratios give a clear indication to investors…

History Texas Government
Texas Government

Coursework Sample: William Barret was the Texas commander at the Alamo battle and died at the age of 26 years while defending Alamo. He had come from Alabama five years in 1831 whereby he left behind the failed career as well as marriage (Lopez 176). He came to love the land of Texas, which gave…

Finance Finance
Finance Coursework Sample by

Question One: The Traditional Approach to Portfolio Management The traditional approach to portfolio management involves a non-quantitative way of balancing a portfolio with various assets such bonds and stocks from various companies and various sectors as a method of minimizing the overall risk. Based on the approach, diversification is the ideal way of risk management….

Statistics Statistics Worksheet
Statistics Worksheet

INSTRUCTIONS: This is not to be written as a paper. Please insert the answers to the questions on this document. Showing work is required! If tables are required insert them. If Excel is used please attach the work book and label each tab with the problem and question it represents. Ensure all data is there…

Biology Genetic Solutions For PSLO
Genetic Solutions For PSLO

Let XB = Normal vision allele Let Xb = Red-green color blindness allele Data collection/Selection Parent genotypes: XBY * XBXb Parent 1 gametes: XB , Y Parent 2 Gametes: XB , Xb Analysis Parental Gametes XB Y XB XBXB XBY Xb XBXb XbY F1 genotypic ratio= 1 XBXB : 1 XBXb : 1 XBY :…

Statistics Witers choice
Writers choice

Given the aggression scores below for Outcome A of the sleep deprivation experiment, verify that, as suggested earlier, these mean differences shouldn’t be taken seriously by testing the null hypothesis at the .05 level of significance. Use the computation formulas for the various sums of squares and summarize results with an ANOVA table. HOURS OF…

Marketing Mission, vision
Identity, Vision and Mission Statements

The identity, vision and mission statements of a product must be linked to the visualization and articulation of the needs that it intends to achieve as well as its character and ethos. Often, a careful balancing act should be performed. Supercilious statements of idealism can promote cynicism; however, it is important to that the product…

History Trump and Medicaid
Trump and Medicaid

Part 1: Trump has embraced the provision of block grants for the sole purpose of Medicaid in the United States. The action is in line with his effort to replace the famous Affordable Care Act that existed during the reign of Obama. Trump’s desire is to have all people taken care of in his administration….

Finance Financial Decision Making
Financial Decision-Making

Case 1 In this case, the PVs (present value) of both costs and benefits must be equal. As a result, we will divide this into 2 segments, the benefits and the costs. Here, costs are the deposits, a 30-year annuity with the first deposit made in a year: PV costs: (C / 0.08) * {1…

Biology Biology and Other Life Sciences
Biology (and other Life Sciences)

Compare and contrast directional selection and disruptive selection, and provide an example of each. Directional selection takes place only when one of the extreme traits of a population is eradicated resulting to a shift in the allele frequency. For example, the beak length of the birds from Fringillidae is transformed for the bird to feed…

Marketing Consumer sales
Consumer Sales Promotion Tool

Chevrolet gave out free vehicles to players of Manchester United, a gesture that constituted a free sample. Samples are an important tool of sales promotion described as an offer given to customers of a few products for a trial. They are availed by customers to drive their interests in the products. Samples work by assisting…

History Karl Marx
Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a leading proponent of the modernization theory and has had a significant influence on the modern and post-modern worldviews and beliefs. While he was a trained philosopher, he turned to engaging in the political and economic philosophical debates of his time, and his works formed the inspiration towards the establishment of many…

Finance Netflix Finance
An Analysis of Netflix Financials

The entertainment industry is one that is quickly changing as technology advances to cope with the change in demand for various products yet still, keep their customers satisfied. Netflix has however overcome all the challenges to emerge one of the most enviable entertainment companies in the world. With its key assets being the subscribers it…

Biology Monk Seal
The Hawaiian Monk Seal

Hawaiian Monk Seal is an organism that lives in coral reefs, atolls and sandy beaches of Hawaii Island Baker, Harting, Johanos, & Littman, 2016). They belong to genus Monachus together with other species of monk seals such as Caribbean Monk Seal and Mediterranean monk seal and elephant seal. A major difference among these species is…

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